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Hi Scotty,

You can only remove the course from Blackboard if you are the instructor of record, but you can hide old courses from view, although unfortunately you cannot remove them from the "MyCourses" view this way -- the only way to do that as a student is to ask the instructor to remove you from the class.  Here are the directions for doing each of these things:

How do I remove old courses from Blackboard?

Delete the Courses 

You can send course deletion requests to the Blackboard team If you are the instructor of record or you know for sure that all of the instructors are finsihed with the course you can request that the course be deleted from the system. If you are unsure if the other instructors are ready to have the course deleted then please send a request to be unenrolled.

Request to be unenrolled from the course

If you do not own the course but would like for it to be removed from your view please send a request to be 'unenrolled'.

Hide the Course

The list of courses that you see on the Courses tab can be edited by you. For instructions on how to hide courses see this tip sheet Hiding Courses From View. This does not affect the list of courses that is seen on the MyHome tab. The only way to remove courses from the MyHome tab is to have the courses deleted or request to be unenrolled.

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