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To Do This in MS Word:

  • 1. In Endnote, click "Tools" -> "Subject Bibliography" -> "Keywords" (or any field, i.e., author, title), and then click "OK."
  • 2. Select each keyword to use as the heading of your bibliography. You may also "Select All" to select all the keywords. Click "OK."
  • 3. Click "Save" and choose a file type (Rich Text File) and save again.  Make sure to note the location where you have saved the file.
  • 4. Open Microsoft Word->"File" ->"Open" ->"Your File

To create an independent bibliography in EndNote:

  1. In Endnote, highlight the references for your bibliography. If you want all references in a library or group, select one and hit "ctrl-A"
  2. In the "References" menu (or in the right-click menu), select "Show References." This will display only those you have selected.
  3. Sort these references according to the desired order and output style.
  4. Select all the references in this view (ctrl-A) and choose "Copy Formatted" from the Edit (or right click) menu.
  5. In your word processing program, select Past (ctrl-V) and your references, formatted in your selected output style, will appear

We keep handy instructions for this process and others on the EndNote Research Guide.

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