Answered By: Bo Adams
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"Students" (the role the students are assigned in Blackboard, by default) do not have privileges to make changes to pieces of a course like "Course Documents." Therefore, it is best to create a social space in your course for students to share. 

The Wiki tool in Blackboard is ideal for this. This tool essentially creates a blank webpage in Blackboard where students can post and share. To create a Wiki, click the "plus" icon at the top left and choose "Tool Link." Give the link a name (this is what will appear on the students' left-side menu) and change the "Type" dropdown to "Wikis". You will also want to select the "Available to Users" radio button so the students can see this link. Once you do this and press "Submit," you should see a new link with the name you provided on the left-side menu. When you click on that, you will see a blank page that says "Create Wiki" at the top (so far you've only created a shell for wikis). If you create a Wiki you can provide a name ("Student Links", e.g.), provide some instructions, and even limit when students can modify it. After this is created, the students will have a forum to post links and add discussion.

For a full discussion of the Wikis tool in Blackboard, see the link below.

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