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SafeAssign is a third-party tool built into Blackboard that allows instructors to run student submission through a system that checks for plagiarism. The engine checks to see if the text of a submission (in .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, and .html) is found in databases and on the web. When creating an assignment, an instructor or TA can designate the assignment SafeAssign, and the engine will automatically run on every submission and generate a report for the instructor in the Grade Center. To learn about SafeAssign, see the link below.

To create a SafeAssign Assignment:

  1. In the content area where you would like students to see the assignment, select "Safe Assignment" from the "Assessments menu" (see attached screenshot). 
  2. Set the assignment parameters as you would with a normal assignment (see link below for description).
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. The students will now see this assignment as they would any normal assignment, but they will see the indication that it will run their submissions through the SafeAssign engine. He or she will have to actively agree to have his or her work anonymously checked with the engine.

To grade a SafeAssign Assignment:

  1. Student submissions will appear in the Grade Center as any other submission would (with the accompanying announcements to the instructor).
  2. The SafeAssign report will not be immediately available, but will take a few minutes after submission to run.
  3. Once the report is run, you will see a green checkmark next to the submission (see attached screenshot). NOTE: This only indicates that a report has been run; it does not indicate that the student's work is free from problems.
  4. Clicking on the green checkmark will open the report, which will show the results of the search. The submission is checked against other papers submitted (the attached screenshot shows a copied paper), as well as other databases and the web.
  5. Instructors can save the report for later and return to the Grade Center to take the appropriate action.

There is a method by which a SafeAssign report can be generated on student submissions even if the assignment was not explicitly created as a SafeAssign Assignment. This process is called DirectInput. For directions, see the link below.

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