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The Respondus Lockdown Browser is a third-party browser (for Windows and Mac), integrated into Blackboard to allow students to take a test with all other applications on their computer disabled. This browser is used by instructors offering tests online because it will shut down the ability for students to use their computer to access other notes, webpages, etc., while taking an exam (though, of course, it does not preclude the use of another computer, phone, etc.). The browser also disables print and copy functions on the host computer, so students cannot export or share the contents of a test.

To learn more about the installation and use of this tool, see the Emory Respondus documentation below. Essentially an instructor will designate that his/her test can only be completed through the Respondus browser, and then students are responsible for installing the browser to take the test. The link includes instructions on setting up a Respondus test and instructions for students to download, install, and use the browser. 

To create a Respondus test, follow these steps:

  1. The tool may not be enabled by default for a class, so instructors may need to enable the tool by going to "Customization" (bottom left menu) and then "Tool Availability".
  2. Once enabled, the instructor will need to create a test in the regular fashion (see link below). 
  3. Once the test is created, the instructor will need to require the Respondus browser. To do this, click on "Course Tools" (bottom left menu) and then "Respondus Lockdown Browser" in the submenu.
  4. Find the desired test and click the icon to the left of the test name. This will open a dropdown. Choose "Modify Settings".
  5. Toggle the radio button to "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam." There is then an optional choice to input a password that the students will have to enter.
  6. Once the settings are correct, click "Save and Close."
  7. Students will now need to download and install the browser before taking the exam (see link below).

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