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Instructors in Blackboard have the ability to enroll any Emory user into a course and assign that user a role (Student, Teaching Assistant, Course Builder, etc.). To do this, instructors should click on "Users and Groups" on the bottom left menu and click on "Users" from the submenu (see attached screenshot). This will open the list of users currently enrolled in the course. At the top left of that page, there is a button to "Find Users to Enroll". Clicking on that will open the user search page. If the instructor knows the Emory NetID of the desired user, that can be entered directly in the Username field. The instructor should choose a role for the new user (role privileges listed in the link below). If the instructor does not know the user's NetID, clicking the "Browse..." button will open a new window that will allow a search based on first or last name (see attached screenshot). When the desired user is found, selecting the check next to the user name and clicking "Submit" will populate the correct NetID in the user search page. Once the role is assigned and "Submit" is clicked, the user will be enrolled in the Blackboard course. You should see the user listed amongst the other students.

To enroll a non-Emory person in a course, an additional step is required to create a Blackboard account. Sponsored Blackboard accounts for non-Emory persons can be requested by the instructor. For the sponsored account process, see the link below. Once the account has been created (this can take a couple of days), the instructor should find that accounts listed in the Blackboard User search page (see above), and the new user can be enrolled.


Often times instructors have trouble finding users to enroll in their classes. This piece of advice from Emory Blackboard Services has proven helpful to many:

The 'search for users' function in Bb torments a lot of people but so far I've always found that the issues were due to one of the following things.

1) searching for users that are already enrolled

2) selecting the wrong option for the little drop down for Username, First Name, Last Name,

3) copying and pasting into the search field text that contains a space at the beginning or end of the term

4) using the wrong search field - i.e. trying to find users by searching with the field at the top of the 'Users' page. That search field searches for users already enrolled

5) using the email address instead of the username when searching by 'username'

If you ever see a message that says something like 'You do not have permission to add......', that is due to a user being disabled in a course. Instructors cannot fix that. Send the request to and they will enable the user(s).

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