Answered By: Bo Adams
Last Updated: May 20, 2016     Views: 177

By default Blackboard 9.1 takes you to the “My Home” tab, which includes the “Courses: Quick View” module in the center. The only way to remove a course from the list of “Courses: Quick View” that appears by default in the center of the "My Home" page is to unenroll from or delete a course (requests for which have to be made through the Extended Control Panel).

A user does have control over what appears in the “My Courses” module, which appears by default in the center of the “Courses” page (click the tab at the top). You can hide courses from the "My Courses" module by clicking the wheel icon next to courses and then unclicking all boxes for the courses you want to hide. This will only affect the “My Courses” module in the Courses tab; there is no way to do a similar thing for the "Courses: Quick View" module. For more thorough documentation on removing courses from the “My Courses” module, see here.

There is a way to add the “My Courses” module to the “Courses” tab and hide the “Courses: Quick View” module. On the “My Home” page, click “Add Module” (top left) and add the “My Courses” module (different from “Courses: Quick View” module, which shows all your courses and cannot be removed). This will add a section to the “My Home” page that shows only the courses you choose (those chosen in the “Courses” tab). You can then rearrange the page and move that “My Courses” to the top of the “My Home” page by dragging the new box where you would like it. The “Courses: Quick View” module can be minimized by clicking the arrow just to the left of the module title.

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