Answered By: Bo Adams
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First, you can create groups (or a single, universal group) and use Blackboard’s File Exchange tool. If you are already using groups for the course, each group will already have a “File Exchange” section, which allows users (of that group) and the instructor to upload and view files. If you are not using groups for the course, then you could create a single group, which will give you the ability to use File Exchange for all users. To do this, click on “Users and Groups” on the bottom left, choose “Groups,” and then choose “Create Single Group” (Manual Enroll), adding all students. This would mean students would have to click on the “Group” link that will be in their left hand menu and then choose File Exchange. You can read about groups here.

Second, you can use a Discussion Board on the course main menu. To create this, click on the plus icon at the top, add a Tool Link, choose “Discussion Board” from the dropdown and give it a name. This will create a Discussion Board link on the left hand menu (you will need to click the down arrow next to it and choose “Show Link” for this to be “live” to students). When you click on that Discussion link, you will see the ability to “Create Forum.” For each assignment you could create a forum. Then, when students open that forum, they will be able to “Create Thread,” where they can upload a file as an attachment to their posts. Then, all other users in the course will see all the files when they click on the particular forum. You can read about Discussion Boards here.

There is a third and more complex way to do this. This is the Self and Peer Assessment tool built into Blackboard. This will have students actually “submit” an assignment that their peers can view (and assess if you like). It is designed for the MOOC-friendly peer review model of assessment; probably more than you’re interested in. You can read about Self and Peer Assessment here.

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